This event offers 2 route options:
  • The Granfondo and Mediofondo routes are a real challenge for cyclists in good condition who train regularly. It’s important to have enough climbing experience before tackling the Granfondo
The courses and registrations are open to all cyclists that are 18 or older. Participants less than 18 years old on the day of the event but that will turn 18 in the calendar year must have signed authorisation from a parent to take part in the event. This authorisation must be shared with the organisation prior to taking part. All minors must be accompanied.

You have to choose the route you want to ride when registering. It is possible to change course before the start of the race, but the organiser must be informed, either by e-mail to info@cyclingclassics.fr or at the registration desk. If you decide to change course during the race, you will automatically be downgraded.

Any change of route may result in additional registration fees.

There are no different starting pens for the different age categories.

All Granfondo participants will start first in ‘Mass Start’ format.

This is also how the start of the MĂ©diofondo will take place.

To take part in our events, you must provide a medical certificate or a competitive cycling licence.
The medical certificate must certify that you are fit to cycle competitively. It must be dated, signed and stamped by your doctor.

Under French law, the medical certificate is valid for 1 year and must therefore be valid on the day of the event. You can find a sample model here. For licences, we only accept UCI, FFC, FFTRI (for females), FFGT and Ufolep licences (of a competitive nature and with a medical check-up), valid for the current season and less than one year old.

In the case of foreign licences, the licence is valid if a medical examination was required in return. We only accept competitive cycling licences.

NEW! The FFCyclotourisme licences have been updated and now offer a VĂ©lorando format for competitive cycling. We accept these licences if the following statement appears on them: Competition cycling medical certificate.

To send your medical certificate or licence, you need to log in to your account and upload your documents. A direct link is also available in the confirmation email received right after having registered. The file needs to be under 1Mo. Certificates/licences sent by email or post are no longer accepted.

Any form of ID and your E-Ticket. If you are registered through a Tour Operator, please contact them to arrange pick up. The E-Ticket will be sent out by mail a couple days before the event.

You must pick up your own start number. Exceptionally, if your registration is complete (medical certificate validated), your group leader (club president) or a colleague/friend will be able to collect your number by presenting your E-Ticket and a copy of your ID.

Start numbers are attributed directly at start number pick-up.

No, it’s strictly forbidden.

During a cyclosportive event, cyclists are obliged to respect the highway code. The courses are not closed to traffic.

The safety and support system and the marshals will help cyclists to ensure their safety and that of other road users.

All cyclists must ensure their own safety and adapt their speed to the route, traffic and weather conditions (rain, wind, etc.).

In order not to jeopardise the safety of the event, and in accordance with prefectoral orders, it is forbidden to use a following vehicle (car, van, motorbike, scooter).

Refuelling and technical assistance from cars or motorbikes are prohibited.

Refuelling and additional assistance are authorised set back from the road, on the right-hand side of the road and with the bike stationary.

Areas used by feeders (car parks, etc.) must be kept clean.

For minor repairs such as punctures, you need to have the necessary equipment.
If you are unable to continue your journey because of a mechanical problem, you can take a seat in the broom wagon. You will however have to wait.

If you are the cause of or witness to an accident, or if you notice that someone is in need of medical assistance, each participant is obliged to stop and render assistance and alert the emergency services by calling the emergency number on the back of your frame plate.

There is always an emergency number. It is written in the information for the race of the day and on the back of your frame plate.

Remember to fill in your personal details on the back of your frame number (name, race number, emergency contact number, etc.) and keep it with you throughout the event.

You can find the results and rankings directly on the RESULTS tab of this website.

A finisher’s diploma is available on our website, once your time has been checked and validated.

A meal voucher is supplied with your registration pack. The Pasta Party is available on a self-service basis after you reach the top of the Planche des Belles Filles.