I Cycle Clean

As a cyclist taking part in a cyclosportive, I am concerned by the “I ride clean” operation and I am committed to it:

1. be vigilant and cautious, even in a peloton, respect the highway code and wear a hard-shell helmet in all circumstances.

2. ride on the right-hand side of the road to ensure my own safety and the safety of my fellow riders and other road users (pedestrians, motorists, etc.).

3. respect the natural world around me and take care not to damage it. I do not throw any rubbish or litter onto the public highway or into the countryside.

4. bring back all my rubbish (food packaging, containers, used inner tubes, etc.) using the back pocket of my jersey, the “Waste Bag” or by bringing it directly to the rubbish bins and the rubbish collection and sorting areas provided.

5. to conduct myself with propriety, dignity, hygiene and discretion when required to do so, even in the open air.

6. practise my sporting passion in a healthy way. I don’t use any doping substances or products. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

7. adopt a responsible approach to cyclosportive and respect the sporting spirit and “Fair Play” of the discipline.

8. support the Cyclo Relais, respect their commitment and accept the penalties imposed for any breach or infringement of the rules: time penalties, exclusion from the event.

9. accompany and support the “I ride clean” commitment of the organiser, its partners and that of my fellow riders, by making those around me aware of the need to ride safely, healthily and sustainably.