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Les 3 Ballons Santini

Each of our events offers at least 2 or 3 itinerary options:
  • The Granfondo one (long distance) is a real challenge for cyclists in good condition and trained, particularly in a mountain environment.
  • The Mediofondo one (medium distance) does not require special conditions and prepare for the long distance.

Cyclosportives are opened to all persons of 18 years old and elder. The minor aged participants on the day of the race who will turn 18 in the current year are allowed to attend the event if they provide a parental authorization. Grimpées or randonnées formula of 1 or 2 days without timing are allowed to participants from 14 years old. They must provide a parental authorization for the Grimpées and be accompanied by an adult for the randonnées.

You must select one route when you register. Then, you are allowed to change the route (Granfondo/Mediofondo) before the start but you must inform the organisation before, by e-mail to or on site to the “Registrations” stand. If you decide to change of route during the event, you won’t be ranked.

A new starting box can potentially be assigned upon showing previous results.

In any case, you have to wait until you receive your start number. It is not possible to change starting box in the morning of the race.

It is not possible to change starting box in the morning of the race.

You must provide a medical certificate or a cycling or triathlon license to attend our events.
The medical certificate should demonstrate to which degree you are physically suitable to take part in competition. The certificate must be signed and include a date.

According to French law, the medical certificates are valid for 1 year. Here you can download an example of a certificate. In terms of licenses we accept only the following: FFC, FFTRI, FFGT and UFOLEP (competition with medical certificate), valid for the running season.

For participants from abroad we only accept cycling licenses (competition) and triathlon licenses (competition) that have required a medical examination previously.

NOUVEAU ! Les licences FF Cyclotourisme ont été mises à jour et proposent désormais un format Vélorando pour le cyclisme de compétition. Nous acceptons ces licences quand il y est indiqué la mention suivante : Certificat médical “Cyclisme compétition”.

You just need to log in to your personal account and upload the required documents. The document cannot be larger than 2MB. Medical certificates sent by email will no longer be accepted.

An ID-card, your confirmation letter and a recent medical certificate or a valid license with medical approval.
Someone else can pick up your package as long as this person can show the above-mentioned documents. Copies of the above-mentioned are allowed.

During the cycling race, all cyclists must respect the road code. The course is not free of traffic.

Volunteers and signallers will support the cyclists to ensure the course can be completed in a safe manner.

Every cyclist must take care of his or her own safety and adapt their speed according to the course, traffic situation and weather.

To avoid endangering the event, it is forbidden to follow the race with a motorized vehicle (car, motorbike, scooter).

Les ravitaillements et l’assistance technique depuis les voitures, motos… sont interdits.

Les ravitaillements et assistances supplémentaires sont autorisés en retrait de la chaussée, sur le côté droit de la route et vélo à l’arrêt.

Les espaces utilisés (parkings, …) par les ravitailleurs doivent être laissés propre.

For minor repairs such as flat tires, you should be in possession of the necessary materials.
If you cannot go on, the broomwagon will pick you up. Please be patient as it may take a long time to arrive.

In case of an accident or if someone is in danger, you are required to help and call the emergency number.

OUI pour les épreuves se déroulant :

– en partie la nuit ou par faible visibilité. C’est le cas du TOUR DU MONT BLANC CYCLO.
– lorsque les tunnels sont peu ou pas éclairés, C’est le cas de MARMOTTE ALPES.

Good lighting (front and back kit) is MANDAROTY and wearing a visibility vest is essential.

Les participants seront contrôlés au départ et /ou sur le parcours.
En l’absence constatée de kit d’éclairage, l’exclusion sera immédiate et sans recours.

Les services de voieries, de police et de gendarmerie peuvent également interdire et verbaliser les participants.

This equipment is also recommended whatever the weather conditions on the other events to enhance your visibility, and therefore your safety.

There is always an emergency number. You will find it in the road book of your participant package.

Please, fill out this document before starting and keep it with you at all times.

Results and rankings are displayed at the arrival and also available in the website.

Your diploma is available online via the little icon in the result.

Yes, a ticket for a meal is included in your participant package.

Yes, it is mandatory to wear the Santini jersey offered with your registration during the race.

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